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  • Tally Hidden Keys

    How to Copy from Tally ?
    Press Ctrl+Alt+C

    How to Paste in Tally ?
    Press Ctrl+Alt+V

    How to Undo In Tally ?
    Press Alt+Backspace

    How to Type Multiple Lines In Narration?

    After typing each Line Press Ctrl+Enter instead of Enter, Tally will allow Multi Line typing Options

Do you Know - Printing in Tally

You can Continue the printing from the Same Page from where it was broken in Tally.ERP9:

 It is a very common problem, for example ledgers are being printed and in between printing is stopped by any reason’

Go to Printing.

Configure the options same as before.

Press Ctrl + G button for ‘Page Nos.’

 Assuming that printing is to be resumed from page no 113, give the following values:

 Page Numbering starts from   : 1

     Page Range           : 113 to end

 Tally will Skip 112 pages and start printing from page no 113


  • and many more...